If you would like to remodel your kitchen and want a farmhouse kitchen, there are many changes you can make to turn your kitchen into this. Below is more information so you can enjoy the new look of your kitchen.

The Cabinets

Farmhouse cabinets are made to be functional and simple.  For example, the trims are plain instead of styled with great details. Natural materials are used for these cabinets, such as choosing solid hardwoods over other types. Solid hardwood looks more rustic and goes great in a farmhouse kitchen. Reclaimed wood is often used for these cabinets. Mixed materials are also used, such as reclaimed wood and glass cabinet doors. Use open shelving in farmhouse kitchens to display your country dishes or other country-style knickknacks.

For the color of the cabinets, you will generally find light colors or white as the main colors of cabinets used in a farmhouse kitchen. You could use reclaimed wood and paint the wood white for a very rustic look or stain wood to be much lighter than it originally was. Unfinished wood is also often used in this type of kitchen. You will also find pine cabinets in this type of kitchen. This is because pine has a rustic look. You should know that pine is a softwood, which means it can scratch much easier than other kinds of wood commonly used to make kitchen cabinets. These scratches make the wood look more rustic to some people, however. 

The Countertop and Sink

For the countertops, you want a simple look with materials that have subtle patterns or a completely plain color. This could be black, gray or white quartz. You will often find butcher block countertops used in farmhouse kitchens. You could use butcher block in only one section of the countertop such as around where you prepare food or choose an entire countertop made of butcher block. Both quartz and butcher block countertops are durable and resist bacteria. Butcher block, however, requires you to sand and oil the wood at least two times per year to protect it. 

The farmhouse kitchen sink should be a deep sink. You often hear these sinks known as apron sinks. This is because in original farmhouses the kitchen sink needs to be large enough to hold water to be used for not only washing dishes but also for washing clothes and cleaning. Apron sinks look much different as they have an exposed front. Traditional sinks sink into the countertop and are not seen from the front of the cabinet. 

Hire an interior designer if you need help creating the perfect farmhouse kitchen. 

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