Asphalt can be particularly resilient. However, over time, asphalt surfaces will start to suffer damage. The weight of vehicles parking and driving on the asphalt surface as well as continuous freeze-thaw cycles will cause the surface to develop divots and cracks. After some time, these damaged areas will require repairs. Here are three ways to perform the necessary repairs on asphalt surfaces.


If you have an asphalt driveway, take the time to regularly inspect it by walking its perimeter and look for any damage. It is normal for cracks to develop, but you want to pay close attention to the size of these cracks, as this is what will tell you what your next steps will be. If the spots are less than a quarter-inch wide, then there is not considerable damage beneath the asphalt's surface. What this means is that the cracks can easily be repaired with a liquid crack filler, which can be picked up at your local home improvement store.


If you notice that the cracks are larger in width than a quarter-inch, then it is an indication that there may be significant damage beneath the asphalt surface. Unfortunately, filling the cracks won't be sufficient. Instead, the cracks (or holes) will need to be filled or patched with a material that will be stamped down so that it matches the exact height of your existing asphalt.

Replacing or Resurfacing

Asphalt patching can ensure that your driveway is able to keep going for a few more years. However, it is important that you understand it is only a temporary solution. If there have been many cracks and holes that have developed over time in your driveway, the best solution is to have your driveway replaced. If this seems like too expensive of a job and your asphalt paving service examines the foundation and determines it to be sufficient, it is possible to simply resurface your driveway. If this is the route that is taken, the asphalt contractor will remove the old top layer of asphalt and simply replace it with a brand-new layer of asphalt so that you are left with an asphalt driveway that looks shiny and new.

Regardless of the damage that your asphalt surface has endured over the years, it is possible to turn things around so it looks new again. Get in touch with asphalt paving companies in your area to get estimates and more information or visit websites like