Septic tanks are valuable assets to homeowners who don't have access to a municipal sewage system. The septic tank houses waste, and it can be pumped out on a regular basis to ensure ongoing use. A septic tank that has sustained serious damage will need immediate repair if you want to continue utilizing the drains in your home.

Understanding how a septic tank can sustain serious damage will let you identify when you need the help of an experienced septic professional in the future.

1. Physical Damage

Septic tanks are typically buried below the surface of the ground. This makes your tank easy to overlook. Even though they are located beneath the soil, septic tanks are still susceptible to physical damage.

It's important that you don't drive over the top of the septic tank with a vehicle or heavy machinery. The added weight could cause pipes to shift, or it could crush your tank. Tree roots can also penetrate the septic tank and cause physical damage.

Only an experienced professional will be able to assess the physical damage to determine if your tank can be repaired, or if you will need to invest in a new tank entirely.

2. Inadequate Maintenance

A septic tank needs to be maintained regularly if you want to avoid the potential for damage. The most basic type of maintenance you need to provide for your septic system is regular pumping of the tank's contents. If your tank gets too full, the waste within could start to backup into your home.

Allowing the tank to become too full also puts the tank at risk of sustaining serious damage that will need to be repaired before your septic system can become functional once again. Work with your septic professional to determine how often your tank should be pumped out, and schedule routine inspections between pump-outs to ensure the health of your septic tank.

3. Water Overload

Your septic tank is designed to handle a certain amount of wastewater at any given time. When you exceed this limit, the tank is at risk of sustaining damage. It's important that you practice water conservation within your home if you want to protect the integrity of your septic tank.

Don't run multiple appliances simultaneously, and invest in the immediate repair of a leaking toilet or faucet. A water overload can damage the septic tank's water system and leave your home without a functional septic tank.

For more information about septic tank repair, contact a professional in your area.