If you are renovating your bathroom with a modern design, a walk-in shower can be a versatile feature that opens space and provides relaxing features. There are many different options to give you more from the design of your new shower, including a frameless glass enclosure, overhead rain showerheads, and sauna or steam room designs. The following design ideas will help you get the most out of the shower when renovating your bathroom:

1. Rain Showers with Overhead Designs for Relaxing Features

If you want more relaxing features for your bathroom and the shower design, overhead showers are a great feature. These designs broadcast the water over you like standing in the rain, which has therapeutic effects that help you relax. The rain shower design can be part of the complete design of your shower and in addition to handheld showerheads or other features that you want to have in your bathroom.

2. Enclosures That Turn Your Shower into A Sauna with Floor-to-Ceiling Glass

The common shower design in bathrooms has an opening at the top for ventilation to prevent steam and condensation from building up. If you want more from your shower design, consider complete enclosures that turn your shower into a steam room or sauna. If you do this type of design, you will want to talk to the shower service about options for installing ventilation, heated tiles and lighting inside the enclosed glass area.

3. Modern Shower Designs with Glass Shelving to Organize Your Personal Care Products

Modern shower designs have glass walls that enclose the area and personalized spaces for organizing things like soaps, shampoo, and other personal care products. In addition to the glass that encloses the shower, you may want to consider options to add glass shelving to the modern design in your bathroom.

4. Seating to Make Your Shower Comfortable and Relaxing Spaces for Your Bathroom

Seating is another feature that you will want to include in the shower of your bathroom. You may want to have something like bench seating if you have a smaller shower. There are also options for contoured shower seating to help you relax. If you want to make your shower double as a sauna, heated tile seating and floors are a great improvement to the design of your shower.

These are some ideas that will help you get more out of your shower design when renovating your bathroom. If you are planning on renovating your bathroom, contact a residential shower service and talk to them about some of these ideas. A company like Port Orchard Glass can help you get started.