Have you always wanted to have the perfect finished basement but have been afraid to make the investment due to flooding problems? Today, there are many improvements that can help protect your home from flooding, so you can make the investment and add space to your home. The following basement waterproofing solutions will protect your home from flooding during the next storm:

1. Dealing With Water That Gets in Your Basement With Drainage and Pump System

There is always going to be water that gets into your basement due to things like condensation, foundation damage, or plumbing. Therefore, you need to make sure you have the right systems to remove the water. First, you want to have a basement drainage system installed in the interior of your home. Then you need to have a pump that removes it with the wastewaters from plumbing installation.

2. Upgrading Exterior Waterproofing to Prevent Damage Due to Outdated Sealants 

The old and outdated foundation of your home can be the cause of water issues. This is often due to old waterproofing sealants that crack and fail, allowing water to come in and flood your basement. Before you invest in finishing your basement, you may want to consider upgrading exterior waterproofing if you have an older home with asphalt-based sealants that were used for the original waterproofing.

3. Add Landscaping Drainage Solutions That Help Keep Water Away From Your Foundation

The drainage of your landscaping could allow water to flow towards your foundation and cause static pressure. This can lead to problems and damage to your foundation, which is why you may want to consider installing permanent landscaping drainage solutions, which will help correct these problems and prevent water from draining against your foundation and causing damage.

4. Invest in Home Renovations That Improve Watershed and Keep Water Out of The Basement

You will also want to consider home renovations that can help to reduce stress on your foundation. This can include things like investments in gutters, additions and outdoor living spaces that give you useable space, as well as help to reduce the stress on your foundation that is caused by static water pressure as groundwater drains through the soils near your home.

These are some of the basement waterproofing solutions that will help protect your home from flood damage during the next storm. If you are ready to finish your basement and end water the water problems, contact a basement waterproofing service like Sohan and Sons and talk to them about some of these solutions for your basement.