When a homeowner is not prepared for the winter months, their home can be far more difficult to effectively regulate the temperature. These situations can lead to comfort problems, difficulties in managing energy costs, and other quality of life issues.

Care For The Thermostat

Homeowners will often give almost all of their attention to the primary heating unit for their system. These may be some of the most noticeable and important parts of the system, but it is not the only part that needs to be maintained. The thermostat is another critical component to the system that will often go overlooked and neglected. However, a thermostat will need some basic care in order for it to continue to provide you with accurate control of the system. This will include dusting the interior of the thermostat to keep its sensors clean and clear, testing the thermostat to ensure it is working as intended, and avoiding artificially heating or cooling the thermostat while the system is running. This could lead to inconsistent performance due to the temperature around the thermostat being different from the rest of the house.

Keep The Area Around The Heating Unit Clean

Ensuring that the area around the heating system is as clean and clear as possible is another vital consideration. Dirt and clutter near the heating unit can have some severe consequences. For example, dirt and dust can get inside the heater where it can cause clogs or other noticeable performance problems. Clutter or other large items can interfere with the flow of the air into the system, which can decrease its overall heating capacity. If your heating system is located in an area that you commonly use for storage, any items should be positioned at least several feet from the heating unit. In addition to allowing maximum airflow to the system, this will also protect the items being stored from the intense heat that this unit can radiate.

Replace The Filter Before You Start Using The System

Homeowners are frequently aware of the need to have their air filters replaced on a regular basis throughout the winter. However, they may fail to replace this filter when they first start using the system. Yet, there can be considerable amounts of dust and dirt on the filter from the last time that you used the system. Replacing the filter before you start using the system will help to ensure that your system is functioning as well as possible from the first day that you start using it.

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