Fall is almost here which means winter is not too far behind. If you live in a cold climate winter can wreak havoc on your home and landscaping. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent problems so when Old Man Winter finally leaves you can start enjoying spring without doing a lot of repair work.

Check Gutters

If you have not checked your gutters in some time, they may be full of leaves and other debris. If this is the case this will cause problems with not only the gutters but your roof. This is because water gets trapped behind the debris. This water will get underneath the roof, and it will also sit in the gutter. Water is heavy, and the gutters may become loose and start to fall.

If you do see leaves and debris, you can scoop them out with a hand shovel or by hand. Ask someone to help you as you have to climb up on a ladder. Wear non-slip shoes and ask your friend to stand at the bottom of the ladder to hold it steady.

You can use a garden hose to flush the gutters out. Do not use a power washer, however, as the water force is too strong and will cause damage to your gutters.

If your gutters are old and in bad shape, this would be a good time to hire a professional to install new gutters for you or to do gutter repairs.

Prepare Landscaping

Your landscaping needs to be prepared for winter. For example, if you have perennials they may need to be cut back to the ground before the first frost. This does depend on the perennials you have, however, because only some types of perennials need to be cut back.

Now is a good time to get rid of any weeds you have been having problems with during the growing season. Shovel the soil, if possible, to remove all roots. If you do not remove the roots the weeds will grow back. Doing this will cut down on the number of weeds you will have in the spring.

Wrap trunks of trees to protect them from freezing ice and cover if the temperature is going to get well below zero. You can use burlap to do this. If the temperatures warm up, you can remove the burlap

There are many other things you need to do in the fall, such as check window weather stripping, make sure water spigots are turned off, and garden hoses are disconnected.