When you need to find a decent place to dig a well, who better to do it than a land surveyor. Wait...a land surveyor? Yes, because a land surveyor is trained to uncover unique features in the lay of the land, he or she can find the perfect spots for a well. Land surveys are used discover other unusual features on your land that could lead to other interesting projects and developments.

Land Surveys Find Indian Burial Mounds

When you own undeveloped land, you typically have it surveyed to find out where you can dig a well, build a house, construct a barn or workshop, etc.. What you do not expect to find are Indian burial mounds. Native Americans often buried their dead ceremoniously in mounds of dirt that closely resembled hills. If you see hills on your property, you might want to have them surveyed before you start moving dirt. If the land surveyor feels that these hills are actually burial mounds, you will have to find a way to build around the mounds. This leaves the remains at rest, and shows respect to the Native American culture in your area.

Land Surveys Find Possible Underground Oil Reserves

In the Western and Southwestern U.S., there are still vast numbers of undiscovered oil reserves. These reserves are often identified by land surveyors who note that plateaus of certain kinds of rock are present. You could choose to explore the possibility that you have an oil well on your property if you live in these areas of the country. If you do, and you find an oil reserve, you could make a lot of money off of your land, thanks to the surveyor.

Land Surveys Find Caves and Abandoned Mines

Early explorers would dig anywhere they thought they could find jewels or precious metals. As such, they unearthed caves and mines in random places. These caves and mines were often buried or left abandoned when nothing of value could be found. The surveyor may accidentally find these caves and mines when he or she surveys the land and spots some abnormalities in the formation of the earth. While they still may not yield anything of value to you, they would be fun to unearth and explore from a historical standpoint.

Check with Your Surveyor to See If Anything Unusual Has Been Discovered

At the end of the surveyor's work on your land, ask him/her if anything unusual was discovered. If not, then you can build whatever, wherever you want. If the surveyor did find something, it might be worth exploring for various reasons.

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