Investing the money and time needed to replace the windows in your home can be a major event in any homeowner's life. Yet misinformation can make this fairly routine process seem far more daunting than it will actually be.

Myth: It Will Be Impossible To Perfectly Fit The Replacement Windows To Your Home

A common assumption about replacement windows is that they will be prone to have small gaps and spaces between them and the home. Considering the major drafts that these gaps can create, it is understandable for this to be a major concern. Luckily, it is possible to avoid this problem if you allow your windows to be custom built and installed by a professional. These individuals will be able to get exact measurements to ensure that the new window will fit as securely as possible in the frame. Additionally, they can seal the replacement windows to stop air from entering through any unavoidable gaps.

Myth: Insulated Windows Are Simply A Marketing Gimmick

The option of investing in insulated windows will require you to pay a higher price than would otherwise be necessary for traditional windows. This can lead some people to assume that this is simply a marketing gimmick to get them to buy more expensive windows. However, the added insulation can greatly improve the efficiency of the windows by reducing any heat transfers or drafts. In addition to opting for windows with an insulated frame, you can also have dual-paned windows that have a special gas between the pieces of glass that will further reduce any heat transfers.

Myth: Windows Should Only Be Replaced During The Summer

Scheduling the time for your windows to be replaced can be complicated due to the need to plan around the seasons. This will frequently lead people to assume that this work should only be done during the summer months so that cold air will not cool the entire interior of your home. However, it is possible to have this work done at almost any time of the year, as these professionals will be able to seal off the area where the windows are being replaced. This will prevent any cold air from being able to spread inside. Typically, rain will be the main factor that can delay this work, and your contractor will have to check the weather each day until the project is complete to ensure that rainstorms do not catch them by surprise.

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