When it comes to making your bathroom wheelchair accessible, there are several changes you can make. Work with your contractor and use this guide to help decide which changes you should make when remodeling your bathroom. With the right changes, you can create a bathroom everyone in your family can use safely.

Convert The Tub

Converting your tub to a walk-in shower can make it easy for everyone to bathe independently. Use the existing space where your tub sits to create a large shower, which can accommodate a wheelchair if necessary. A shower enclosure with a sliding door can create a beautiful look while still allowing convenient access to the shower. Look for other ways to make the enclosure accessible, such as grab bars near the door and a built-in shower bench. A handheld shower head can also assist with independent bathing.

Expand The Toilet Area

One problem you may experience with your existing bathroom setup is that there is not enough room near the toilet for shifting from a wheelchair to the toilet seat. You can alleviate this problem by downsizing to a smaller vanity to allow for extra clearance on one side of the toilet. If the toilet situated near the shower enclosure, consider using a frameless door on the shower and keeping the door open when it's not in use. This provides a bit of extra room to maneuver the wheelchair near the toilet. The key to this is making sure that there is no ridge or step on the floor of the shower enclosure that might prevent free movement for the wheelchair.

Lower The Vanity

Your existing vanity may not be at the proper height for someone who uses a wheelchair. Work with your contractor to find a lower vanity, or see if your contractor can modify your existing vanity. Consider removing any bottom cabinets so you can roll the wheelchair right up to the sink, and don't forget to lower the mirror as part of this project. If the bathroom will be used by everyone in your family, you may want to have a custom vanity built with two sinks, so you can have one sink at regular height and one that is wheelchair accessible.

Have your contractor take measurements of your existing bathroom, and map out how much available space you have for these changes. Be sure to look for a contractor with experience remodeling bathrooms to be wheelchair accessible. With a little bit of advanced planning, you can create a wheelchair-friendly bathroom everyone can use comfortably. Look at more info if you have more questions.