If warm air is not dispersed through your heating unit's vents in an even manner, the pump's coil may need to be cleaned. The following project will describe how to eliminate dust and surface stains and will assist with your unit operating in an efficient manner.

Collect Needed Materials 

  • vinyl tarp
  • screwdriver
  • shop vacuum cleaner
  • mild detergent
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • soft-bristled scrubbing tool
  • coil-cleaning agent
  • sponge with slightly abrasive surface
  • metal fin tool
  • lint-free towelettes

Remove the Pump's Cover and Eliminate Dust and Surface Dirt

Turn off the heating unit and disconnect the power. Place a vinyl tarp next to the pump so that any loose debris will be collected on it. Use a screwdriver to loosen hardware that is secured to the pump's cover. Lift the cover from the pump and set it on the tarp. Use a shop vacuum's hose to suck up dust and loose fragments of dirt.

Make a cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of detergent that is mild with warm water. Fill a spray bottle with the cleaning solution and spray dirty metal surfaces that are part of the pump's coil. Move a stiff-bristled scrubbing tool rapidly back and forth over the treated metal surfaces.

Treat Severe Stains, Realign Metal Pieces, and Clean the Cover

If there are any stubborn stains on portions of the metal, apply a foaming coil-cleaning agent to them. After the agent penetrates and loosens the stains for a few minutes, wipe each surface with a damp sponge. Realign bent metal pieces by pressing against them with the edge of a metal fin tool. Dry each surface that you have cleaned with lint-free towelettes.

Clean the pump's cover by vacuuming up dust that is on each side of it and removing surface stains with the soap and water mixture and a scrub brush. Afterward, use a sponge that has been dampened with water to remove soapy film that remains on either side of the cover. Dry both sides of the cover with lint-free towelettes.

Reattach the Cover and Turn On the Unit

Place the cover over the pump and insert hardware pieces through the appropriate holes. Tighten the hardware with a screwdriver. Plug in the heating unit and turn it on. Warm air will blow evenly through the heating unit's vents as long as debris was eliminated in a thorough manner. Clean the coil as needed in order to keep the heat pump maintained. 

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