Does the air coming from your heating and air conditioning system go with through your home windows? If you are tired of high energy costs, it might be worth considering getting the windows replaced. However, sometimes the only thing that is needed to prevent air from seeping out is repairs to the panes. Below, you will learn more about home windows and when to opt for replacements over repairs.

When Might Window Repairs Only Be Necessary?

If your home windows are allowing air to seep out because the glass panes are damaged, you might only need repairs. For instance, a contractor can simply replace any damaged frames, such as ones that are chipped or cracked. If there are a large amount of damaged panes requiring a repair, it would probably be wiser to replace your home windows altogether. Sometimes the reason for air seeping out of windows is due to the frames needing repairs, such as cracked wood needing to be sealed up.

What Kind of Glass Panes Are Available?

There are a variety of glass pane options for you to choose from. You can opt for decorative planes if you want to add some character to your house. If you want to make sure the glass panes does not shatter into large pieces if something hits them, tempered glass is a good option. Basically, tempered glass will only lead to the glass shattering into pieces that are the size of pebbles. Keep in mind that you can also opt for multiple panes for more energy efficient, and a contractor can place argon gas between them to prevent air seepage even more.

Would Replacement Windows Require Frames Being Built?

If you have to invest in new windows, it does not mean that you will need new frames as well. A contractor will thoroughly examine your existing window frames to determine if they should be replaced or not. For instance, if the contractor notices that wooden frames have a substantial amount of termite or ant damage, you will likely need new frames.

What Are Good Frame Options for Windows?

Fiberglass frames are a good option for your windows, as they are very durable. For instance, you will never have to worry about fiberglass cracking, peeling, bending, or losing form due to expansion during cold weather. Vinyl frames are also a great frame option because they come in a variety of colors without the need for paint, and they are durable. Talk to a contractor (like Beissel Window & Siding) to find out if you need new home windows and frames.