If you recently bought a home and the guest bathroom's bathtub tile surround is a hideous color, then you will be pleased to learn that you can resurface it yourself using a specialized epoxy paint. Epoxy tile paint comes in two parts that you mix together just prior to painting the tile. Since epoxy paint is a very strong material, a resurfaced bathtub tile surround will look wonderful and last for a long time with proper care.

While the process of re-glazing your bathroom's tile is a straightforward process, there are a few things that you can do to make the project easier and obtain the best results possible.

Properly Prepare the Tile Surface for Painting

As with any painting project, the better you prepare the bathtub's tile surface for painting, then the better the resulting completed project will look and withstand the test of time. Prior to mixing the epoxy paint, clean the tile with soap and water. Dry the tile and then sand its surface down with sandpaper. When you are finished with the sanding process, rewash the tile with water. Once the tile has had a chance to dry, rub it down with a soft rag coated in acetone. The acetone will remove any remaining water and oils from the surface of the tile and make it ready to accept the paint.

Use an Airless Paint Sprayer to Apply the Epoxy Paint

While you can use a soft paintbrush or a roller to apply the epoxy paint to your bathroom tile, it is better to use an airless paint sprayer. If you do not own a sprayer, then you can always rent one at your local construction equipment rental store. When using the sprayer, you need to make sure that you tape up plastic sheeting on all of the areas around the tile that you do not want to get the epoxy paint on. Don't forget to mask off the bathtub as well because removing drips of paint from the bathtub will be impossible once the paint has dried.

Professional Bathtub Tile Surround Re-glazing

Finally, if you do not feel up to the task of re-glazing your guest bathroom's ugly tile surround yourself, then you can have a painting contractor professionally re-glaze it for you. The professional re-glazing process uses an airless paint sprayer to apply the epoxy paint, resulting in a glass-smooth finish that will last for many years to come with regular cleaning and very little maintenance.