If you would like to reduce the amount of garbage that you put out on the curb each week for the landfill, you will want to read through the following three tips.

Start A Compost In The Backyard

By starting a compost in your backyard, you will be able to reduce the amount of garbage that ends up being placed in garbage bags for the curb. You can purchase a compost bin online or at a nearby home improvement store. You can also just screw together four pieces of lumber in order to create a designated space for your compost. Some of the things that you can throw in your compost include coffee grinds, vegetable and fruit scraps, and egg shells. You can also add grass clippings and leaves. Use a shovel to stir up the compost, as this ensures that enough oxygen reaches all of the items in your compost. This will ensure that everything decomposes in a timely manner. Once everything is fully decomposed, it is then considered fertilizer that can be added to vegetable and flower gardens. You can also spread the fertilizer around the base of your trees in order to help them grow a little nicer.

Start Recycling

You can purchase large plastic bins from your local department store and use those for the various items that you start recycling. Use one bin for all glass. Use another for metal, such as pop cans. You can use another plastic bin for paper. Talk with your garbage company to see if they pick up recyclables. If they don't, then you simply have to take your recycling bins to the closest recycling center as they get full.

Purchase A Residential Garbage Compactor

You can easily find a residential garbage compactor at many hardware and home improvement stores. By placing the garbage that will end up at the curb into the trash compactor first, you will greatly reduce the size of the garbage. By reducing the size of the garbage, you will use fewer garbage bags. This means that you are using less space at the local landfills. This can also be helpful if you live in an area where you are only allowed to put out a small number of garbage bags each week without being charged additional fees.

With the previously mentioned three tips in mind, you should have no trouble reducing the amount of garbage you have to put out on the curb each week. For more help, contact a company like General Waste Removal.