If you've purchased an old property that has an old and deteriorated fireplace, and you aren't sure if it's safe to use, or if you should restore it, there are some things to take into consideration. If it's currently a wood burning fireplace you can choose to keep it as such, or you may be able to change it to a gas fireplace. Consider hiring the following professionals to determine what will be best to get the components working again and help you with the work.

Chimney Inspection Company

A chimney inspection company will come to the property to see if there is water damage inside the fireplace, if corrosion is a problem, and if the fireplace has a proper ventilation system to release the smoke if there is a fire. The company will let you know what areas need to be replaced or repaired, and what it will cost to get the internal components of the chimney working properly.

If you are considering replacing the chimney with a gas insert, and you want to convert it by adding a natural gas line to the fireplace, it may also need a new ventilation system. Get quotes for both options so you can decide what will be the most affordable, and what can be done quickly.

Masonry Repair Professionals

If the interior and the exterior of the fireplace aren't in the best shape, and you would like to make the fireplace look modern and new, hire a masonry professional. You can change out the stone or brick with new brick, pavers, tiles, or other options, and you can add a new mantle. The mantle can be the centerpiece for your home—useful as a decorative area for you to display a few favorite items. You can also widen the fireplace or add a larger sitting area.

A functional fireplace can help heat the home efficiently if you like to heat your home with a real wood fire, or even if you just want to use a gas fireplace insert that you can work with a switch on the wall. The fireplace is also a great selling feature if you decide you want to list the home in the future. If your property has an older, worn, and ugly fireplace and you don't know if it works, hire the professionals to give it a makeover and to make it a useful item in the home. If you'd like to learn more, check out masonry restoration in Maple Glen, PA.