After your family has grown up and left home, your kids' favorite backyard swimming pool might become something that takes up space rather than adds value to your life. But there are ways to restore an old pool to a part of your yard that you simply love. Here are 3 ideas for any budget. 

Focus on Entertaining. If you don't have much of a budget to redesign your pool, redesign what's around it. Take out tired old chaise lounges and kids' toys and put in a large circular fire pit. Group your outdoor furniture in conversation areas rather than in a row facing the pool. Or lay two chaise lounges flat side-by-side and cover them with one large day bed mattress. Add a linen canopy above it and you have your very own cabana. Colored lights or a portable pool fountain can turn the pool into a wonderland at night for parties. 

Add an Architectural Element. Give your pool a face lift by updating it with a modern architectural element. On the side best viewed from the house, build up a tile back splash and add a waterfall. Or put in a series of small water slides or arching fountains along the long side of the pool. If your budget allows, add a faux rock grotto or even a bridge from one side of the pool to the other. Whatever new architecture you add to the area will help refocus your pool as an artistic element rather than a party pad.

Remodel the Interior. Since you already have the large hole in the ground, it's cheaper to alter its structure than it is to fill it in or design a new one. Reshape one end of the pool to hold a hot tub as a separate feature. Or slant the shallow end further to create a walk-in beach entrance and tanning ledge. Add a swim-up bar to the pool's edge nearest the entertainment space. Or simply give the pool a few new curves (or straighten them out) to make it more fun-loving (or more modern). While it may take some money to redesign the pool or give it new uses, it's an investment that will really give your pool a facelift.

By being creative about how your upgrade your swimming pool, you can give it a new lease on life and create a focal point in your yard that will thrill both kids and adults.