There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient. Most people choose remodels that require the least amount of money, but others want a project that they can do on their own. Spray foam insulation is great for DIYers who want an affordable project. One great place to add spray foam is to your door casings. Most track homes are built with a small gap between the door jamb and wall stud. This gap is covered by the molding and is usually not insulated. You can easily pop off the molding and spray the insulation into the gap. This article explains how to do this simple but effective project.

Taking off the Molding

The molding is attached to the wall with small pin nails and caulk. First, you need to break the seal of the caulk by cutting through it with a utility knife. Then, using a hammer and chisel, start to pry the molding up. You need several chisels so you can drive them behind the molding at multiple points. Pry a little bit here and there until you are able to get the entire piece off. In rare cases you won't even need to completely pry off the molding. Once you have it away from the wall you might be able to see the cavity that you are going to fill and the spray hose will fit into the cavity. If so, you can try to start spraying the foam in.

Using Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation comes in pressurized cans with a small hose nozzle. Insert the nozzle all the way into the cavity and start spraying. You want to make sure the foam goes all the way to the drywall on the opposite wall. You want the foam to be as densely packed in as possible. Be careful to not spray too much, as it could stick out and make it hard to reattach the molding.

Reattaching the Molding

Reattaching the molding will require the use of a pneumatic nail gun. First, remove all of the old nails from the molding and scrape away the old caulk from the edges. These should pull right out through the backside since they are headless. Next, hold the molding in place and nail the molding down (this is much easier with two people on the job). Finally, you need to recaulk the edges of the molding.

Just like that, your molding will look like it did before, but the door frame will have far better insulation. For more information, contact a company like Specialty Insulation.