Whether you're building a bathroom in a new house or simply thinking about remodeling an existing one, deciding on which plumbing fixtures to incorporate - especially sinks - is a huge decision. In fact, if the number of choices available to you seems overwhelming at first, you're not alone. To see which types of sinks might qualify for your shortlist, keep reading to discover some of the advantages of the most popular kinds.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are quickly climbing up the ranks of popularity when it comes to bathroom fixtures. They offer a classic look that also serves as a striking alternative to your standard undermount sink. Vessel bowls can be made using glass or porcelain, and usually sit on top of the counter, meaning they don't require undermount installation. That said, they do require the presence of a pop-up drain. 

Wall-Mounted Sinks

If you're working with a bathroom space that is smaller than most, a wall-mounted sink may be the ideal choice -- it takes up no floor space, and all of the piping can be hidden with a simple piece of cloth. Another advantage of wall-mounted sinks is that they can be installed at any height, so you're not forced to bend over uncomfortably every time you wash your hands, as you might have to do with a conventional sink. Perhaps the only drawback of this kind of sink is that you don't have the conventional storage area that comes with a vanity.

Console Sinks

If storage is a priority for you in your new bathroom, a nice compromise between a traditional vanity and minimalist wall-mounted sink might be a console sink. These sinks usually offer sleek designs similar to a pedestal sink, but also offer open, shelved storage underneath the sink itself, so you get the best of both worlds.

Self-Rimming Sinks

Perhaps the most popular style of sink in modern bathrooms is the self-rimming sink, also known as drop-in sinks. One reason for their popularity is the ease of installation, even for those who aren't used to doing installation work. In fact, they can generally be installed within an hour. Another advantage is that they can be installed on an existing counter without any major modifications. So if you're looking to play it safe with an option that's affordable, easy to install, and still looks great with any decor, a self-rimming sink might be the best solution. 

For more information about different types of sinks, visit a plumbing supply store in your area.