If you want to protect your property from fires, then you probably know that it is wise to have fire or smoke detectors in the home. You are probably most concerned about your home and the personal belongings inside of it. However, a fire inside your garage can be just as devastating, especially if your vehicle is inside at the time. To protect your garage from fires, consider the following tips.

Purchase the Right Fire Extinguisher

It is suggested that you have at least one fire extinguisher in the home, and many people choose to purchase a class A extinguisher. These devices are meant to extinguish fires that involve paper, wood, textiles, and other flammable materials that usually make up the home and its belongings. However, this is not the best idea for your garage. Your garage is much more likely to contain flammable materials like gasoline, kerosine, and motor oil. These fluids cannot be smothered with a class A fire extinguisher.

A class B device is needed that contains two different substances that work together to smother the fire and extinguish it. Smothering the fire alone, like what will occur with a class A device, will only temporarily block the oxygen that reaches the fire. As the compound released from the extinguisher dissipates, the fire is likely to start up again due to the fuel source. The class B extinguisher prevents this by extinguishing the fire after it is smothered and before oxygen has a change to reach it. 

If your garage also contains many electrical items that may cause a fire, consider a class C extinguisher, which has chemical agents that are unable to conduct electricity through them. This means that the fire can be extinguished and you will remain safe from electrocution.

Add a Wireless Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is needed in your garage to alarm you if a fire breaks out. However, if a typical alarm is secured inside the garage, then you are unlikely to hear it if it goes off. For the best protection, consider installing a wireless fire protection system in your home. This system will allow you to secure smoke detectors inside your home as well as in your garage and shed. Once the detectors are activated, a wireless unit will receive electronic messages from all of the units. If one alarm detects smoke, then all of the devices inside and outside your home will sound. In some cases, the alarm system will be connected to the receiver itself, so a single alarm will sound in one location. 

A home security system installed in both your home and your garage can detect fires as well. If you upgrade to the most advanced system, you may be able to protect your home and garage from a variety of emergency situations. These systems will detect heat, smoke, carbon monoxide, and break-ins. Just make sure that one of the main sensor units is placed in your garage as well as your home if you decide that this is the best option for you. 

For further information about fire protection, contact a specialist in your area.