Landscape design can be very complicated, but it can also be very basic. It depends on how much time and and effort you want to put into your yard on a weekly and on a seasonal basis. If you plan on doing your own landscaping, there are four basic designs you can use as starting platforms.

Square Design Around the Perimeter

A "square design around the perimeter" is a landscaping approach that puts all of your plants, shrubs, flowers and trees along the edge of your property and "fences" them in with garden edging, cement curbing or brick blocks. It is very boxy, or square/rectangular, in formation. It is also the easiest to care for because you can stand in the middle of your yard with a hose and spray nozzle and spray the entire perimeter in about ten to fifteen minutes. It is ideal for very small yards or suburban living.

Rounded/Curved Design Around the Perimeter

Like the square design, the "rounded/curved" design places all of your greenery around the perimeter of your yard. Unlike the square design, the edges of the planting areas are curved, or everything has its own little circle in which to grow. It also allows for additional rounded/circular planting areas in the middle of the yard, like a garden island or oasis. This works well in slightly larger yards where there is less concern about losing yard space to the landscaping.

Landscaping Up

A big part of "landscaping up" has to do with protecting your plants and flowers from wildlife that would find them tasty. Professional landscapers build foot-high retaining walls in which to plant, and they often create terraced landscapes too. (Terraced landscapes start with higher and wider bases, with each new retaining wall and planting space taking up less and less room the higher you build.) Landscaping up is excellent for very tiny yards or for people who want to keep more yard for entertainment and less yard for greenery. Landscaping up takes less maintenance and care, too, because everything you need to water and tend you can limit to one or a few little locations.

Landscaping Down

When you are really limited on yard space, but you still want a few decorative plants and flowers, you can "landscape down." Simply put, instead of planting everything in the yard, you have lots of hanging baskets or potted plants hanging down around your home. You can even plant strawberries and tomatoes and a few other edibles from hanging pots. Landscaping down is especially good for people who live in apartments or live in the second story of a building and above.

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