Buying a home is a major financial investment, and you need to do whatever is necessary to protect that investment. Having the land surveyed before you finalize the purchase of a house can help you to avoid problems with the property in the future. Here are some reasons that hiring a surveyor can protect you and your investment:

Finding Encroachments

When you buy a house, you may only be concerned about the house itself. However, the land on the property affects you as well. For instance, if neighbors in the area have built fences on the property you are to buy, you need to be aware of that. Fences and other encroachments can interfere with your own plans for improvements on the property. A land surveyor can alert you to these encroachments before you purchase the house, so that you can discuss these issues with the seller before you finalize your purchase. 

A surveyor can also alert you if the house you plan to buy is encroaching on a neighbor's property, so you can anticipate any problems you may have in the future.

Making Home Improvements

If you are planning on expanding the house you're about to buy, or want to tear the current home down for new construction, it is important that you are fully aware of your lot's true boundaries. Many people rely on their contractors to make sure that boundaries are discovered, but it is the task of a surveyor to ensure that boundaries are accurately found and clearly marked before construction begins. That will help you prevent delays and higher costs from encroaching on other properties and engineering plan revisions. 

Minor improvements can also be assisted with the information that surveyors provide. For example, if you plan to install a fence around the property, you will need a surveyor to be sure that the fence is properly placed. 

Subdividing the Property

If you are buying a house on a large lot and are thinking about subdividing the property and selling off the excess land, a surveyor can walk you through regulations which could affect that subdivision. They can ensure that you observe zoning ordinances, preventing you from being subject to fines for not respecting rules with regard to setbacks and lot size. 

Now that you know why you should consider hiring a land surveyor, consult a few surveyors in the area. Make sure that a land survey is done so that you can be certain that you make a wise investment when you buy a particular home. Contact a company like DC Gohn Associates Inc Surveyors & Engineers to learn more.