In MGM Studios' version of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is caught up in a tornado where a window is pulled from its hinges and knocks her unconscious. She slips into a dream state, and viewers do not realize that her visit to Oz was all a dream until the very end. Her story and her adventures would have been very different had her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry installed impact windows on their house. Let's take a closer look at how very different this familiar story might have been had impact windows existed and put to use.

Storm Windows vs. Impact Windows and the Gale House

Storm windows are little more than extra panes of glass that prevent bad weather from affecting the actual windows themselves. Up until the turn of the twentieth century, windows did not even have screens. If you opened a window in your home prior to 1900, everything from rain to burglars to bugs and rodents could enter freely. By the time The Wizard of Oz became a movie, many homes had screens on their windows, but not all. Actual storm windows, the extra half-panel of glass protecting each window, was not a reality yet. This is why it is no surprise when Dorothy is struck by the open window-- there was nothing to stop the tornado winds from doing so.

Now, had Dorothy's Aunt and Uncle had impact windows, that would have made the story truly incredible. Impact windows were developed decades after this movie was made, and they were designed to block dangerously high winds and flying debris. If Dorothy had been near an open window with an impact window installed, the window would never have come unhinged, nor would it have ever struck Dorothy unconscious. Since impact windows are designed to stay firmly in place, Dorothy probably would have had to ride the tornado until it dropped her, Toto, and the house somewhere else in Kansas. There would have been no adventures in Oz at all.

What This Means for You and Your Home

This analysis of a single scene in a popular movie combined with a very real product reveals some applications for you and your home. If you currently live where hurricanes or tornadoes can potentially rip apart your home and knock you unconscious, the you should invest in impact windows to keep you and your family safe. No one in your home will ever suffer a high-wind-induced concussion and a trip to Oz because the impact windows, like those at Storm Shield LLC, will prevent it.