When you have a power outage due to the weather or an electrical malfunction, there can be a lot of concerns in a commercial setting. It is only expected that your top priority is to make sure everyone is safe and an electrician gets to the store fast so you can find out what the problem is. However, there is one other professional that you should get to the store as soon as you possibly can—the commercial locksmith. It may sound odd that you would need a locksmith after a power outage, but in a commercial setting there are three good reasons why.

The Security Cameras May Be Compromised

The security cameras may be connected to a backup generator for emergency situations, but the change in power supply can cause problems. Most cameras are installed using timed relays, and even a short outage can throw off the timing of the whole system. Because locksmiths are skilled with surveillance and security systems, they can help you get everything back in time the way it needs to be to keep your store under surveillance.

You May Have Issues with Digital Locks

The digital locks on sliding doors can be overridden in the event of an emergency situation. Yet, a disruption in the power supply can cause issues when the power comes back on. Electronically operated sliding doors can also see issues because of power outages. It is always a good idea to have a locksmith come in and assess any issues that have been caused and make sure the doors and locks are properly functioning.

The Electronic Locks On Registers May Be Affected

Cash registers are typically built with electronic locking mechanisms to keep the drawers closed until a code is manually entered into the computer system. If the power goes out, the cash register can either be stuck in an open position or code entry will be compromised and the locks will not open. Make sure you call a professional to keep the money in your store protected and accessible by the right people after the power has been restored.

Even though you may only consider calling on a commercial locksmith when you have issues with security or the doors, a power outage definitely calls for their professional expertise. Once the lights are back on and the power is restored, it is a good idea to call the locksmith like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc before you return to business as usual.