A leaky roof must be repaired immediately in order to avoid a potential roof collapse or the potential for mold to develop. Here is a list of step by step instructions on how to fix a leak in your roof using cement.

To complete the task you will need the following items:

One hard bristle scrub brush

One pair of rubber gloves

One can of roofing cement

One putty knife

Garden hose and access to water supply

1 - Locate and identify the source of the leak on the roof. An area that has been leaking for a while will be visibly noticeable and will appear as a soft spot in the roofing shingle.

2 - Use a hard bristle scrub brush and clear off the surface area that surrounds the leak. Make sure that you remove any dirt or debris that could potentially get in the way of the roof cement from adhering to the roofing shingle where it is applied.

3 - Put on a pair of gloves, and using a putty knife, take the roofing cement and begin applying it to the roof. Make sure that the roofing cement does not come into contact with human skin when it is being applied, and if it does, make sure that you immediately wash it off with soap and water. When applying the cement,make sure that you apply it a couple inches wider than the actual size of the leak to ensure that the space is properly covered.

4 - Smooth out any rough edges left in the cement and then cover the spot in roofing fabric cut to the size of the area. Make sure that the fabric is pulled tight to the cement to ensure that it properly adheres to the surface and that no water can get in between that and the roof.

5 - Let the area dry for a full twenty four hour period before you go back up onto the roof and apply another coat of roofing cement over top.

6 - Go up on the roof and test the area by applying water. Use a garden house let water cascade over it while you check to make sure that no water is leaking through on the inside of the roof.

If the steps outlined above do not fix the problem, it could be a sign that you have a much larger problem and you should call in a professional contractor to inspect the area. A professional contractor with experience in roofing will be able to fix much larger holes or leaks that cannot be fixed by using this simplistic method of fixing a leak. Talk to experts like ULF & Associates, LLC for more information.