Nothing makes as much difference for getting a construction job done than having the right tool. Yet, even if you're a professional contractor, it's impossible to own every single possible tool. Which ones, then, should be considered essential? If you're looking to beef up your tool arsenal, read on. This article will introduce you to three of the most useful tools for almost any construction project.  

Bolt Cutters

Considering that cross-functionality is the hallmark of a good tool, bolt cutters are one of the single most useful tools you can own. Yet many people, fooled by their name, consider bolt cutters a one trick pony. A pair of bolt cutters, however, can be put to use cutting almost anything, including:

  • chain-link fencing
  • rope, chains, and wire
  • padlocks
  • smaller tree branches
  • pipes
  • dowels

When shopping for a pair of bolt cutters, be advised that they come in a variety of sizes, suitable for a wide range of applications. Analyze your most likely uses carefully. And then, when it comes time to  purchasing, select a pair of bolt cutters slightly more rugged than what you need. This will help to ensure that the strain you put on them--and, likewise, the strain they put on you--is kept to an absolute minimum.

Circular Saw

If you can choose only one tool for cutting lumber, make it a circular saw. Whether you find yourself constructing a birdhouse, a shed, or a new room for your house, nothing could be more useful.

Unless you're a full-time carpenter, you'll probably want to buy the type of circular saw known as a sidewinder. Compared to their alternative, worm-drive saws, these are inexpensive, light, and easy to use--perfect, in other words, for more casual users.

It doesn't take much to work a circular saw: you pull the trigger and it starts cutting. But you can make certain adjustments, most importantly in the depth and angle of the blade. Look for saws that allow you to control these settings with levers, rather than knobs. These make it easier to alter your settings on the go.

Portable Concrete Mixer

For smaller concrete jobs, you can save both time and money by mixing your own concrete. That's especially true when considering that most ready-mix concrete companies have at least a three-yard minimum order. Because they allow you to prepare concrete on-site, portable mixers also offer a huge advantage in situations where there simply isn't enough room for wheelbarrows of concrete to easily pass back and forth.  

Bottom Line

You don't have to invest a small fortune in specialty tools to handle most construction jobs. On the contrary, by selectively purchasing a few key tools from providers such as Bourget Bros Building Materials, you can adequately prepare yourself for most of the situations you're likely to face. The three tools discussed above should be considered indispensable.