Workers, visitors, and customers walking into your office on a daily basis can track rock salt in with them and get it all over your carpeting during the winter. Using rock salt is a cost-effective way to eliminate ice that builds up on your sidewalks and parking lot after freezing rains and snow fall. The rock salt can help prevent people from falling and getting injured, but it can also damage your carpeting if the rock salt people track into your office isn't cleaned up regularly. Here is how you can clean up the rock salt and keep your carpeting healthy looking and clean.

Vacuum Daily

The first step to keeping your carpets free of rock salt is to vigorously vacuum the carpet daily. Vacuuming will pick up the dry crystals that form when the rock salt dries and will keep the crystals from getting embedded in the fibers of the carpet. Vacuuming will remove crystals on the surface of your carpeting, but to thoroughly remove any remaining rock salt residue, you will have to wash the carpeting as well.

Wash Carpets Weekly

You should have a rug cleaner that can dig down deep into the carpeting to get it really clean. Rock salt can discolor the carpeting if it is not removed from the fibers. You could end up with carpeting that looks dreary and grey if you don't take the time to remove the rock salt. A deep cleaning rug machine will cleanse the carpet well while getting at the rock salt that has settled down at the bottom of the fibers and matting. You will want to use a good cleaning solution that dissolves the rock salt. You can use natural solutions made up of vinegar or ammonia and water if you don't want to use commercial cleaning products.

Use Doorway Rugs

Place doorway rugs in the entrance ways of your building to capture the rock salt coming into the building on the soles of shoes. The rugs can collect the bulk of the rock salt that is coming into your office before people walk on the regular carpeting. The rugs can also be easily removed so you can have them cleaned thoroughly by a rug cleaning service.

The longer rock salt sits on your carpet the more damage it can cause. To protect your carpeting, you will want to regularly clean them during the winter. If you are unable to do this yourself, call a professional janitorial company such as Jones Boys Maintenance Co. Professionals will have the equipment and know-how to clean the carpets for you.