Many people are overwhelmed by the cost of installing new wooden garage doors in their home. While these doors are very expensive, the style options can be very limited. This is why it is a good idea to buy raw wood garage doors. They are more affordable and they offer more freedom of design. This article will explain what to look for in raw wood garage doors, and how to finish them so they fit in with your home style.

Choosing the Right Style

Your doors will look much more stylish and natural if they are made out of the same species of wood that is used on the window and door frames around your house. The same species of wood will absorb paints or stains similarly to give your home a more uniform look. However, some wood species are very heavy and they are not used in the construction of garage doors. Wood on garage doors needs to be lightweight so it does not put to much strain on the opener. Ask your installer to suggest a wood that will look good with the wood elements on your home exterior.

Finishing Your Garage Doors

Raw wood garage doors are simply unpainted. The wood is already sanded and ready to be painted. All you have to do is paint or stain your doors after they are hung and installed. Painting the hardwoods that are typically used on garage doors requires that you use a professional spray gun. If you garage door has a fine finish, normal paintbrushes will leave behind unattractive strokes. Renting a spray gun is affordable, and the actual operation of the gun is very simple.

The hardest part of painting a garage door with a spray gun is masking off the area around it to prevent paint from getting all over. Use large rolls of lightweight plastic to cover your sidewalls. Securely tape painter's paper to your floors and driveway so the overspray does not stain them. When it comes to masking off, it is better to be safe than sorry. Cover the floor at least 10 feet past the doors. If the wind kicks up, it can carry the paint quite far.

Once the area is prepared, it will be very easy to use the spray gun. The gun will leave your doors with a smooth finish that does not leave behind any streaks or drips. If you are willing to do the work, you can save a good amount of money by buying raw garage doors. Contact a local garage door installation company, such as Mid-South Door Co, for help installing your new door.