Is the carpet in your basement covered in sewage from plumbing problems? You may want to get the plumbing problems fixed in a timely manner and get the carpet cleaned, as sewage can lead to you getting a condition called giardiasis. Below, you will discover how sewage can lead to giardiasis and why you must get the carpet in the basement cleaned professionally.

How Can Sewage Lead to Giardiasis?

When sewage is in the carpet, there are many germs and toxins in it that can make you sick because the sewage is from multiple people. Some people have a parasite in their feces called giardia lamblia that can lead to the health condition known as giardiasis. You can get the condition by inhaling, touching accidentally consuming sewage that contains the harmful parasite.

The most harmful effect of giardiasis is getting severe diarrhea. Severe diarrhea is bad for your health because it can cause you to become dehydrated to the point of needing medical attention at the hospital. You may also experience an upset stomach and excessive gas from giardiasis.

Why Should the Carpet in the Basement be Cleaned Professionally?

You need professionals to clean up the sewage in the basement because it will keep you safe from exposure to the giardia lamblia parasite. The carpet cleaning company will be able to thoroughly clean and sanitize the carpet on the surface, and will also lift it up to clean the padding. However, you may end up having to replace the padding if it is in a bad condition from sewage sitting too long.

Make sure a plumber is called to make repairs to the plumbing system before you invest in carpet cleaning. It is important for the sewage leak to be repaired to prevent more of it from getting on the carpet. Leaks are often associated with the main sewer line, such as from the pipe getting clogged with trash, dirt from cracks or animal carcasses. A plumber can use commercial equipment like cameras, pumps and other tools to fix the problem fast.

Don't keep the carpet in the basement covered in sewage because it can make you and your loved one sick. If the sewage sits for too long, you can end up having to invest in new carpet. Hire a plumber to make repairs and a carpet cleaner as soon as possible, as timely repairs can prevent bigger problems!

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