The backsplash in a kitchen is the area behind the oven, counters, and/or sink that may be constructed with a different material that is easy to clean. This allows splatters from cooking to be easily removed and prevents staining on wallpaper or paint. If you are considering installing a backsplash in your own kitchen, there are several different materials for you to choose from that are easy to clean, attractive, and available in a variety options.

Porcelain Tile

Tile is an extremely popular choice for backsplashes, and food splatter is easily wiped off of it. It is also durable and easily replaced. If you opt for porcelain tile, choose a pattern that matches the rest of your kitchen and buy extra in case of cracking during use or installation. Tile can be easily installed yourself, and it is available at most large hardware stores. The effect can be whatever you make of it—some patterns and designs can be retro or quaint, and other solid color tiles will keep things simple. Porcelain tile, such as from Atwood Floor and Tile, can also mimic the appearance of other materials, like wood or glass, giving you options for the visual without the added cost.

Natural Stone

Aesthetically, natural stone fits into most modern kitchen designs. You can choose stone to match granite counter-tops, or instead elect to offset with a complementary type of stone. The sizes, too, are varied. Small pebbles in bulk can be an option, or large flat slabs of rock might be more to your preference. Whatever your choice, remember that the texture of the stone might make wiping off the uneven surface difficult, so keep eventual cleaning in mind when purchasing natural stone for your backsplash.


Wood might not be the first material that comes to mind as easily cleanable, but, depending on the finish and type of wood used, it can be a charming addition to a rustic kitchen. Wood is available in a variety of species and colors and can be stained and placed in various manners to great effect. Decide whether you would like to use reclaimed wood, pallet wood, or another type, and finish with a durable varnish that will still allow you to wipe up kitchen messes. Your wooden backsplash may be just the focal piece to tie your kitchen together.

Porcelain tile, natural stone, and wood are only a few options for backsplashes. Get as creative as you would like, and explore a variety of materials until you find the perfect one for your kitchen.